Yoga and Meditation

Balance, energy and depth are supported by the simple act of breathing.

Breathing is the delicate and yet powerful link between our physical and emotional levels, between our gross body and our subtle body.

Exercise your breathing by means of doing yoga and learn how to deepen your meditation at Sangha Urbana, located in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

It is more than a simple physical activity that grants flexibility, strength and health.

Practicing yoga is a gift you share with yourself.
By doing poses on your mat with discipline and focused on your breathing, you will be providing support for your physiological health, psychic strength and inner values.
Sangha Urbana relies on a team of teachers whose formation sees Yoga as a millenary tradition that develops the physical body while aiming at self-knowledge.
If you are curious about yoga, come and get to know our work by taking an experimental class.
In case you are already familiarized with yoga, then just come and join us for your practice.

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It is more than a practice that reduces stress and improves concentration.

Meditation will certainly help decrease your stress level, improve on your sleep quality and sharpen your memory skills. However, practicing it regularly may, above all, make you come across the infinite peace that dwells in your own silence.
To meditate is to learn how to deal with external reality in an objective manner. It is about opening your perception to the vastness and beauty of your own inner dimension.
Sangha Urbana’s meditation room offers its yoga students and guests the chance of sustaining regular, quality practice, right in the middle of downtown Rio de Janeiro.
And even if you are not a student or a guest, you can still use the room. Reach out to us for details.
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Meditation room – pictures soon

Where we are

Easy access and great location – we are 4 minutes walk from São Bento VLT station, right in the most beautiful, renovated and reurbanized region of downtown Rio.

How to book a room or enroll in classes?

Take a look at the websites in which you can make reservations for the hostel.
Registration for meditation or yoga classes is done on site.

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Rua Candelária, nº 106 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil

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