Self hostel

Experience the art of being
Because the goal is simply “to be”,
and city chaos does not need to be
a reason for you to steer off couse.


You are not alone. Sangha Urbana is here
to support your experience.


For when you visit as a tourist, on business or as a student.
If you are headed to Rio de Janeiro and long for
a restful and revitalizing place to stay,
we are ready to welcome you.

Yoga & Meditation

For you who work or live nearby.
And for you who are hosted here with us.
Our meditation room and yoga studio located
in downtown Rio de Janeiro allow for daily practice.

Where we are

Easy access and great location – we are 4 minutes walk from São Bento VLT station, right in the most beautiful, renovated and reurbanized region of downtown Rio.


You will soon see here notifications about retreats, talks, courses,
workshops, retreats, in addition to kirtam and satsang sessions.
Events are available for our hosts and yoga/meditation practitioners.
Stay tuned.


Sangha Urbana has been engaged from its get-go.
We will soon be sharing information on our socio-environmental
actions together with great, special partners.
You can also be a part of it! 


Root. Awareness. Action. Connection. Gratitude.

How to book a room or enroll in classes?

Take a look at the websites in which you can make reservations for the hostel.
Registration for meditation or yoga classes is done on site.

Pay us a visit!

Rua Candelária, nº 106 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil

Call us!

(+55) 21 3529.8112

Send us a letter!

[email protected]