Many seek balance and inner peace to face life with the
challenges it presents. Many also understand that we already
have what we need within ourselves.

Sangha Urbana is a space for expressing such understanding
in the midst of city chaos. It is a meeting point for interchange
among the many of us who are on this journey.


We seek after connecting humans to their inner beings, guiding the relationship between the individual and the chaos of urban life.

Inspired by nature, we cherish a simple way
of living that prioritizes the awareness of
being and the respect for everything that surrounds us.

We are a support cell that propels itself in the direction of light amidst the shadows of urban density.


We are a space dedicated to personal realization.

Every person fulfills a journey consisting of many pleasant and unpleasant chapters, unfolding in constant succession and alternance.

For this reason, it is absolutely vital to keep your body, mind and spirit in balance by cultivating an inner state of peace and fulfillment.

Only by doing so will it be possible to appreciate the greatness of the universe and to deal with the oscillations of life in a wise manner.


Physical practice activates our vital energy and develops our emotions.

Discipline grants maturity and allows for a broader understanding regarding the dimension of our existence and of our role in society.

We are a space that fosters health and self-trust through the alignment of body, words and attitudes.


We know that life blossoms through connections.

An integration between body, mind and spirit are the base for a healthy trajectory within the physical, emotional and social dimensions.

We encourage the daily practice of the values which provide perspective for the development of individuals in their wholeness.

Relationships involving people who are whole favors balance and growth among all in the city.

We are a bridge for new, harmonious relationships, a space for inter- and intrapersonal connections.

Gratitude – we are thanfkul

For being here, in this moment, for being who we are, the way we are, and for being able to live and act in awareness of that.

For the fact that you are getting to know us right now.

For the possibility of welcoming you and supporting you in sustaining your focus and energy during your stay.

For the opportunity of doing that in Rio and for Rio, our wonderful city.

For all the craziness and beauty in life.

And for our conscious option of becoming increasingly mature and go on acting based on discernment and joy.

Where we are

Easy access and great location – we are 4 minutes walk from São Bento VLT station, right in the most beautiful, renovated and reurbanized region of downtown Rio.

How to book a room or enroll in classes?

Take a look at the websites in which you can make reservations for the hostel.
Registration for meditation or yoga classes is done on site.

Pay us a visit!

Rua Candelária, nº 106 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil

Call us!

(+55) 21 3529.8112

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[email protected]